About Me

Meet Your Inspector, Dave DeWitt

I’m a certified master inspector, licensed and insured based in Weston, Ohio, and a lifelong Wood county resident. I’d like to tell you how I differentiate myself and why I got into this line of work.

First and foremost, here’s what’s important to me and why it matters to you.

The Golden Rule is so much more than just a parable to me. The Golden Rule is a benchmark in how I strive to live my life and treat others the way I’d like to be treated. Unfortunately, the Golden Rule has just about all but vanished from our culture. However, I am choosing to do my part to help bring it back.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2003 my wife and I started DeWitt’s Handyman and Home Repair Service and followed that up in 2006, establishing Eagle Eye Inspection. I absolutely love what I do, helping people, finding their needs, and following that up with a quality service. Each job is unique, and every inspection is a brand-new mini adventure. I’m good at it, and it took me a long time to develop the knowledge and skills to do this job well.

Around 2012 some business decisions led me away from performing home inspections as a primary focus. Lately, the list of home repair projects I no longer offer is growing as my beard grows grayer. I missed all the grandfathering dates for state licensure, so I started the state licensing process from scratch, so to speak. I come to you with over 16 years of experience and being entirely up to date on all aspects of my training, certifications, and testing.

I genuinely care about people. And when I say people, I mean everyone involved. Many inspectors don’t always consider that in any given real estate transaction, there are usually at least four or five people involved in this significant life change. This includes the agents who are working hard to put the deals together, the sellers needing to move onto their next chapter in life, and the family excited to buy their new home. My goal is to champion everyone.

I’m probably the only inspector you’ll ever meet that goes into every inspection hoping to not find any defects. I don’t enjoy reporting bad news or causing drama in a real estate transaction. That doesn’t mean I’m not thorough because I am. I’m very good at what I do and take my ethical responsibility to my clients seriously. But I’m also a huge advocate for inspectors to stay within our Standards of Practice and not be over-zealous or over-reach. From my perspective, many home inspectors have not embraced best practices and too often can be known to create more problems. And at the worst possible time.

I will not be an alarmist. While a home inspection is routine for me, for some, this may be a very anxious experience, especially if there may be a long list of minor defects or issues. My job is to ensure that the report is clear and contextual so that you and your client understand these minor issues and they don’t become unnecessarily alarming.

I have the tools

I use the most modern, cutting-edge, and technically advanced tools and techniques.

Quality Report

A modern reporting style filled with contextual pictures prioritizing defects as to their severity and potential costliness.

Certified Experience

I am certified as a master inspector with the world’s largest home inspection association.

Best Value

You will get the highest quality inspection for the money you spend.

Years of Experience

Experience is a great teacher, allow my decades of experience to help you understand the condition of your new home.

Follow-up Support

Don’t hesitate to ask me about anything that you are uncertain of. I am your personal consultant.

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